Saturday, September 6, 2014

Organized Chaos

The most recent post was September of 2012? I'm really on top of things.  :)  What's funny is I was expecting Abigail at the time and now we have her and Lucy!

I decided to give this whole blog thing another shot.  Partly because Chris is always telling me to write down stories about the kids (because they do and say the "darndest" things).  Partly because I sent Carl and Lauren a text one day this summer and Carl's response was "next time send an email".  And partly because I know that I am totally slacking off with keeping family members (and friends) updated on the kids. Hopefully this will be the solution!

Playing Mass

Bear just turned 5. He is a genius in the making.  I don't know what God will call him to do, but whatever it is I know he will apply his own special form of problem solving.  He has somehow acquired skills for negotiating that currently rival mine (let it be known that this is not an area of great skill for me when done on the fly, off the cuff, at the drop of a hat....pick your idiom).  At his dentist appointment this summer he tried convincing the dentist that he didn't need his teeth polished, he had already taken care of it at home, and was not about to back down.  When it was my turn to go back the dentist said "He's quite the negotiator.  He'll either be a politician or a con-man".  I replied "Hopefully neither!".  The dentist did a great job and was finally able to polish his teeth by telling him there was a little stain on one that he needed to get off, and he just kept going.

We've started Kindergarten this year.  He's doing great and we've had to move ahead quickly with some parts of the curriculum (phonics/learning to read) because he was getting bored and just wanted to fly through the lessons.  Other parts will take much patience and practice (writing), from both myself and him.  The down side of him figuring out how to write on his own is that we're having to work harder to learn the correct way to form each letter.  He has also become aware of different fonts and lettering similar to what is found in storybooks and will sometimes decide he wants to make a "fancy A" or G or whatever letter it might be.

Baking cookies

Anna will be four in a couple of weeks.  I think her legs grew about 4 or 5 inches since the Spring.  She's already wearing size 5!  She wants so badly to be like Mama; tries to carry around Lucy, change her sister's diapers (or put diapers on any doll or stuffed animal she finds), and often copies many of the motherly phrases I use when speaking with her siblings.  She also loves to narrate for herself as she plays and enjoys embracing the drama of a performance.  I hope that one day we can take her to some dance lessons; she loves to dance and has a natural skill for creative movement.

She is doing Kindergarten with her brother this year, mostly because she wanted to and we felt she would be able to keep up, which she has!  It's nice because she and Benjamin challenge each other in a good way.  They aren't necessarily competing but they are learning and growing together, which I think is beneficial to them both.  Anna is a positive influence on Benjamin because she is so eager to learn.  Benjamin is a positive influence on Anna because he has a zeal to acquire as much knowledge as possible in the areas he is passionate about.  I don't know if she will continue onto 1st with Benjamin next year or if she will do a more advanced Kindergarten.  We'll see where she is at the end of the school year.

Reading to Daddy and her baby doll

Abigail will be two in October.  She's very excited about it because then she will be old enough to have gummy vitamins with her older siblings.  :)  Honestly, I feel like she should be turning 3 and not 2. She's so tall, already wearing size 3, wants to do school with her brother and sister, she's ready to be a big kid.  I was trying to explain to my dad the other day that I feel like she's one of these kids with an "old soul".  Her heart and soul are just waiting for the rest of her to catch up.  Does that make sense?  She's my angelic cherub and fireball all rolled into one.  I can count on her to clean up and share, as long as no one has crossed her.  Her stubborn independence is up to par with her brother's, although a little more vocal.  She has such an expressive face and I don't think she knows it yet but she can put on the charm.  She'll tilt her head just so, give her cute cheesy grin, and smile at you with those big blue eyes.  She's picked up from her siblings what it means to be funny and loves to play, perform, and make trouble right along with them.  Her school this year is a little more Montessori/hands on learning/lots of read aloud time and good literature.  She loves sitting down with the giant art book and flipping through the pages of paintings while listening instrumental music in the background.  She really enjoys classical culture.

Happy girl

Lucy is 7 months now and her large motor skills are really taking off.  She's speed crawling with the best of them so sweeping has become a new and exciting challenge, once again.  She's just recently started pulling up on more things: the first step of the staircase, the outside of the tub, basically anything low enough for her to get a good grip. ....Well, I think she knows that I'm talking about her because she just started fussing.  That and her top two teeth are on the verge of breaking through the gums.  So I'm going to take this as my "go to bed" call.  I'll write more on Lucy next time.

I hope you all enjoyed the update!  I promise to do my best to make this a more regular thing.  Really!! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back in the Saddle

It has been over a year since I last posted so I guess it's about time we give some sort of update.  We are living in Centreville, Virginia.  After coming home from Afghanistan Chris accepted a job with BAE Systems as an Analyst.  Chris, Benjamin, and I drove up here the end of January and my parents flew out with Anna shortly after.  We bought a town home the beginning of March and have been busy making it our own ever since.  

Benjamin just celebrated his 3rd birthday in August and Anna will turn 2 in one week.  We are expecting our third baby, a girl, any time between now and her due date, October 4th.  All this being said, now may be a crazy time to try and restart a blog but I figure we might as well give it a shot.  I'm having a harder time keeping all the different branches of our families up to date and this provides one place for us to share what's going on in our lives, for those who desire to know. 

For now I will leave you with a rousing rendition of the "Veggie Tales Theme Song" performed by our children this afternoon.  I believe Benjamin is supposed to be Bob the Tomato and Anna is Larry the Cucumber, complete with tuba.  (What amazes me is it's been weeks since we last watched a Veggie Tales video). 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011: so far we have survived

Well, as most of you know, Chris is now in Afghanistan. He's been there for a few weeks and is finally getting settled into a schedule and his job. They switched him around a couple times in the beginning and the poor guy was having to go back and forth between day shift and night shift. But now he is definitely on the day shift. They are about 10 1/2 hours ahead of us; we don't know how the extra half hour got worked in there. :) If you would like to mail him something this is his address:

Christopher Moses
415th MIBN
Bagram AF
APO AE 09354

I know he would love to receive any letters. Mail takes anywhere from 6 to 20 days to get there, just depends on how things are going.

The kids and I are doing pretty well. I finally have Benjamin and Anna on consistent routines, which has helped a lot with everyone's sanity and happiness. Things will be even nicer when Anna is down to 2 naps instead of 3. Right now it seems like one of them is almost always sleeping or eating. Benjamin has his 18 month check up tomorrow. Can't wait to see how tall he is! Hopefully shots will not be a part of the day. Those are never fun. Anna is 5 months now and a tiny little thing. Very tall and thin. They get along pretty well, although, Benjamin's sibling jealousy is starting to resurface a bit. If he hears Anna waking up from a nap he will grab onto my legs and fuss like he's saying "please don't get her, please just stay with me". Once she is awake and we're all playing together he is fine. He is learning how to work the system, though. There have been various experiments on how to get Mama's attention and he has almost perfected the fake cry. He almost had me falling for it the other day! Anna just stares at him. He doesn't fool her. ;) She loves watching her brother. He is one of the most interesting people around. She loves it when he gives her hugs or comes to play near her. Sometimes she will reach out to grab him, but he doesn't always like that.

Well, hope you all are doing well. I will post a few pictures of the kids. Don't have any of Chris yet. He doesn't have a whole lot of free time on the internet. When I get some I will try to post them. Have a great day and God bless you!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

God is Gracious and Merciful!

Here she is! Anna Faustina Moses was born September 22 at 5:07 p.m. She weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long. She has hair (not bald like her mama) and is long and skinny. She has her daddy's long toes and her mama's coloring. So far she and Benjamin don't look very much alike but I'm sure as they get older there will be little things that give them away as brother and sister.
Labor went really well. I had been dilated for a few weeks and when I went for my check up this past Wednesday I was 5-6 cm. My doctor said "I think you're going to have a baby today. Is that alright with you?". So I was admitted to the hospital; 5 hours and one push later Anna and her lungs arrived. :) Benjamin came to visit us that evening but was more interested in running up and down the halls (which I'm sure the other patients appreciated). When they brought Anna to my room after her bath she was upset and Benjamin did not like that at all. A quick exit was required. He has adjusted fairly well, especially since he gets so much attention from other family members. We'll see how he does whenever it's just the three of us! Unfortunately he knows that he can get into things he's not supposed to if he feels he isn't getting enough attention. He has, however, been very sweet towards his sister. If I'm sitting down with her he will come over and want to touch her hands, legs, and whatever part of her that isn't wrapped up.

God has been so good to us in so many ways and I think that's why His message of Divine Mercy to St. Faustina (and to the rest of the world) is so close to our hearts. We knew that we wanted to name our little girl Anne or Anna (both mean "gracious and merciful") but it wasn't until we were at the hospital that we decided on Faustina for her middle name. Looking back everything about this little girl's existence, from the beginning of her life until now, has been a testament to God's love and mercy. He has taught us to trust Him more deeply than ever and as much as I wish, at times, that I had the power to change parts of our current situation I am so thankful to God that He is in control and not me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Hello! It's late so I'm not going to write much but I just wanted to update everyone since I haven't posted anything recently. Had a doctor appointment today and I was 4 cm. dilated and 75% effaced. The doctor had me go to the hospital so they could monitor me and see if I was actually having contractions (hadn't really felt any but I had been having a little bit of cramping). After two hours of being hooked up to the monitor they determined that I was having regular contractions but they weren't doing anything (no pain, no gain, I guess) so I was discharged. Still having a little cramping and fairly regular "Braxton-Hicks" but basically no changes from this afternoon. So we'll see what happens! She could be here tonight, or not. Who knows. :)

We gave Benjamin his 3rd haircut this past Sunday using Chris' clippers. Chris did a good job cutting and Benjamin didn't seem to mind at all. His hair is so short now!! We both kind of miss his longer hair but it will grow out eventually. He looks like such a little boy now, which he is, I know, but still! He's becoming more and more of a toddler.

Packers and movers are coming on Saturday to get our stuff. After that we will be in New Braunfels. Keep us in your prayers!! God bless you,
The Mosi

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Benjamin's First Birthday, Baby Shower, and More!

Saturday, August 21st Benjamin turned one!! I can't believe how big he is getting! He is such a little toddler now. He had a great birthday and all of his grandparents, and a couple of uncles and great-grandparents, were able to come. He was a little overwhelmed by all the attention and cameras but he really enjoyed his cupcake! I broke it in half so he could break the pieces and eat them himself, but once that cupcake touched his mouth it literally never left. He ate the first half without ever pulling away. Chris and I were both pulling back on his arms trying to get him to take smaller bites but he didn't give in. That boy is strong! The second half of the cupcake I broke into bite size pieces before he got a hold of it. :) Benjamin received lots of wonderful gifts and although he didn't seem interested in opening them all that day, he has enjoyed playing with all of them since then. I think his top interest on his birthday day were the balloons.

Benjamin's one year check up went really well. He is 26 pounds and 30 inches tall! When I looked at the medicine bottle to see how much he should get (he wasn't feeling well after his shots) the dosage chart listed his weight as that of a 2-3 year old. haha! He is a solid one year old.

This past weekend Chris' mom and some other family members hosted a baby shower for us. It was so nice! Chris and Benjamin came over to join us after nap and snack. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and Benjamin seemed to enjoy walking around and inspecting all the guests. We received so many nice things. Little girl is going to be the best dressed baby around!

Today I had another doctor appointment. I will start going once a week. Although it may not be for long because it looks like little girl will be coming early! Her head is down and I am 2 cm. dilated and 50% effaced. So we'll see when she decides to come. The nice part is that Chris will most likely get to be here for it, as long as she comes before Sept. 19th. We'll see!

We're still working towards getting everything finished and ready for baby girl's arrival, Benjamin and I moving to NB, and Chris leaving. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that we don't have control over, so in the meantime we are taking care of the things that we can. Please pray that everything will happen the way that God wants it to and that we will be granted whatever graces we need to prepare for and endure the coming months.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Changes for the Moses Family

We found out last week that Chris is being called up to serve in Iraq. He is not being deployed with his unit in San Antonio, but is being attached to a unit in Maryland, the 203rd Military Intelligence Battalion, for this particular mission. September 19th he leaves for Maryland to partake in preparations with the 203rd. October 4th he will be at Fort Huachuca in Arizona for a Joint Weapons Intelligence Course. He will be there until sometime in December. Early January he will go to Ft. Dix in New Jersey to finish training with the 203rd and sometime in the Spring they will go to Iraq until next October. He will be part of a 5 person Weapons Intelligence Team that will basically be like CSI: Baghdad. When an IED is used or disarmed (and most importantly after the area has been secured) they are called in to get whatever information they can. Chris' job will be to look at the electronics (or what is left of the electronics) and figure out how the bomb was made/used/set off. They will take the information they find and use it to help prevent roadside bombs, etc. from being used against us in the future. We are thankful that his job should be fairly safe and that he will be able to help save a lot of lives. We are also thankful that he is being sent to Iraq and not Afghanistan. He will also be able to come home for Thanksgiving, most likely Christmas, and the 203rd pays for me and the kids to come visit him in Maryland before they leave.

Benjamin, baby girl, and I will be living with my parents in New Braunfels. We will be able to Skype with Chris when he is away. We are hoping and praying that Chris will be able to get a few days off to come home around little one's due date. I can't imagine giving birth without him beside me. He is the best husband and father and, next to Jesus, he is my rock. Please pray that everything will work out the way that God wants it to.